The Deep Games Lab Team

Led by creative director Doris C. Rusch the Deep Games Lab collaborates with a colorful group of individuals from a variety of backgrounds. Students, researchers, play enthusiasts, psychologists, coaches, clinicians, storytellers, dungeon masters, teachers, world builders and dreamers come together at the Deep Games Laboratory to contribute to the creation of personally and socially meaningful,  transformative projects. We emphasize aesthetic and conceptual coherence across every game aspect, leveraging narrative elements, game mechanics, systems-, level-, and sound design, voice acting as well as art to produce emotionally resonating experiences that are bigger than the sum of their parts. As a team, we do not solely concentrate on the end-result, crunching towards a “ship date”, but also on the journey: we mentor each other, seek exchange with experts outside the lab, collaborate, strive to learn, grow, expand our minds, empower our players, build community, push the medium, and have fun. We are family. We play. We make Deep Games.

Dr. Doris C. Rusch

Doris is a game designer / researcher who holds a position as Senior Lecturer in Game Design at Uppsala University. She is fascinated by the human condition – its flaws, its brilliance, its mystery and confusing humanity. She was the lead designer and vision holder of award winning and featured projects such as Zombie Yoga for Kinect, Elude, a metaphorical game on depression, For the Records, an interactive documentary that deals with young adults and mental disorders such as OCD, ADD, eating disorder and bipolar disorder and A Beautiful Story, a game about intimate partner abuse. Her reflective practice and game design research also manifested in the book Making Deep Games – Designing Games with Meaning and Purpose (Taylor & Francis 2017).

Her games have won numerous International Serious Play awards and have been showcased at eclectic festivals such as IndieCade and Tokyo Game Show. She has been a keynote speaker and presenter at venues including Clash of Realities, DiGRA, Game Developers Conference, Meaningful Play, Nordic Game Conference, FDG and TEDx.

 Having completed studies in Literature, Philosophy, Comparative Media Studies and English at Vienna University, she received her Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics and Interactive Systems. She was a post-doctoral researcher at University of Technology, Vienna, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge (GAMBIT Game Lab). She completed an assistant professor position at DePaul University, Chicago, where she received tenure and promotion in 2017. In her other life, she is a certified life coach and leader of the BADASS Guild, a coaching group for those who are eager to take Bold Action towards Destiny and Authentic Steps to Success.

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