By Charles Feller

Five weeks and multiple entire games later, and I finally remember to update the design blog. Here are some of the highlights:
Scrapped the beacon story in favor of a game about teaching a despondent planet (named Quilko) to get back on the horse and learn how to sing songs of creation. Players were racing against the clock in order to reassemble Quilko’s deteriorating mindset, as calcification threatened to consume the planet if you couldn’t get it in fighting form.

We decided to dive head-first into the abstraction kiddie pool by allowing Quilko to create private spaces for himself and his loved ones on his surface that reflected his relationships and sentiments. Quilko even had his own room, disheveled in expected fashion for a moody teen, and the player would have to help Quilko clean it up, thus clearing his head. Even though this idea has since been scrapped, I think this is still kind of a neat image, if a little unclear for the players.
Everyone left the more eco-centric changes on Quilko’s surface behind in order to really bring the musical aspirations and interpersonal relations to the fore. This manifested in the form of a sprawling and extravagant city of lights that Quilko has created for himself on his surface, though it is tragically vacant, as he assumes that fame and fortune will deliver themselves to Quilko with time, even with no effort to grow as a musician applied. Between this city, the home-like bunker that it was built on top of, and the utterly chaos-laden center of Quilko’s mind, the transition from fixed to growth mindset should be more apparent than any of the prior iterations.

I type this entry prior to the meeting today with the assumption that the game will not undergo any sweeping narrative changes, which would be highly unusual.
We begin the capstone project in a few days at a tremendous advantage, and with an impressive and bold premise. I have even more confidence in the gumption and skill of my teammates with every meeting we have, and I am truly thankful for the opportunity to work alongside them.

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