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Our meeting yesterday was pretty good! We talked through a lot of ideas on how to change Quilko’s Song to make sure the metaphors makes sense and the scope is possible. Doris and I had a meeting on Thursday where we quickly hashed out some key aspects to each Act. We talked about cutting Act 3 entirely and replacing it with some quick dialogue or a cutscene instead. I think this makes a lot more sense in terms of our scope, and honestly, in terms of the game. Introducing an entirely new mechanic in Act 3 would be a bit bizarre, and even if we worked Act 3’s mechanic into the consistent battle system we have throughout the game, it wouldn’t fit as well with the message that is Act 3. That’s not to say we still couldn’t totally try that if we realize the game is really lacking something without it.

Doris had a brain blast on Saturday morning that she shared with us that also helped guide our meeting. She had a lot of good ideas on how to lay out the concept of energy that we have going in our game. We still haven’t quite decided a few things as a team, but have several ways to go about these problems. One problem is that we haven’t decided what exactly is the best way to show the fact that the Warden is helping Quilko reroute his energy into more positive outcomes. Doris suggested doing this with doors, but several of us worried about how that might change the scope of our game. Even if the player can’t enter the doors, it could still add a new dynamic to the game that we have to prepare for. Again, this doesn’t mean it’s not possible, just that it might be cause for concern.

After our meeting we did some team bonding. By team bonding I mean we talked a lot about unrelated things afterwards. I think this is really healthy for us as a team. While work is obviously the number one priority, it’s really important for a team to understand one another. It’s also important that we can all have fun with each other, considering we ARE making a game afterall. After yesterday I feel closer with my team than ever before, and I love that feeling. It’s important to goof off with the people you work with sometimes in order to remember that we’re all just people trying to get by and we each have different experiences guiding us.

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