Doris C. Rusch, TEDx talk “Why Game Designers are Better Lovers”

Doris C. Rusch (2017): Making Deep Games. Designing Games with Meaning and Purpose. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group. 

Doris Rusch, Deep Games Developer, Talks Designing for Empathy
Michelle Bertoli| iThrive

Building a Transmedia Project for Young Adults With Mental Illness, Their Families and Their Health Care Providers
Doris C. Rusch, Mona Shattell, Anuradha Rana| The Huffington Post

How Video Games Can Improve Dialogue on Mental Illness
Doris C. Rusch, Mona Shattell, Anuradha Rana| The Huffington Post

How an Interdisciplinary Transmedia Project Can Address Mental Illness Stigma
Doris C. Rusch, Mona Shattell, Anuradha Rana| The Huffington Post

Games about LOVE and TRUST? Harnessing the Power of Metaphors for Experience Design
Doris C. Rusch and Matthew J. Weise | SIGGRAPH 2008

“Core” Experience – Exploring Less Obvious Design Approaches To Exercise Games
Doris C. Rusch | FROG 2011

“Elude” – Designing Depression
Doris C. Rusch | FDG 2012

“Pocket Ritual” – Transforming Ordinary Tasks Into Steps On The Hero’s Journey Through Symbolic Play
Doris C. Rusch | Extending Play 2013

Exploring the Meaning Potential of Image Schemata in Fictional Games
Doris C. Rusch | DIGRA 2013

Mechanisms of the Soul –Tackling the Human Condition in Videogames
Doris C. Rusch | DIGRA 2009 | Abstract

Soteria – Teaching Strategies to Overcome Anxiety

Doris C. Rusch |  GLS 12 Conference

Learning about “Self” – Game + Design + Therapy
Heidi McDonald, Leslie Kirby, Sabine Harrer, Doris C. Rusch, Susan Imus, Adam Mayes, Martine Pederson | GLS 12 Conference

Barriers to Learning About Mental Illness Through Empathy Games in “Well Played”
Barbara Harris, Mona Shattell, Doris C. Rusch, Mary J. Zefeldt | Link to “Well Played”

For the Records Coverage in “Well Played”
Doris C. Rusch | Link to “Well Played” here | Abstract

For the Records – Learning About Mental Illness
Doris C. Rusch | GLS 10 Conference Proceedings | Abstract

21st Century Folk Tale – A Character-Building Experience
Doris C. Rusch, Allen Turner | MIT Sandbox Summit, April 15th-16th 2013

Pocket Ritual – A Windows Phone App to Find Your Bliss
Doris C. Rusch

Zombie Yoga – Designing for Emotional Empowerment
Doris C. Rusch

Games 4 Change – Game Demo Spotlight & Zombie Yoga
Kellee Santiago, Ken Weber, Ira Fay, Dan White | Games For Change Demo Spotlight 2012