Audience Choice Award at Stanford Brainstorm Lab

Great news: we – that is Doris C. Rusch from DePaul University and Susan Rivers, iThrive Games, won the Audience Choice award at the Stanford Brainstorm Virtual and Augmented Reality Innovation Lab. We were one of six selected entrepreneurs to participate in this lab and we pitched a VR version of the anti-anxiety game Soteria – Dreams as Currency created under Rusch’s direction and with a team of DePaul students and alumni in 2016.

The Deep Games lab was inspired to create Soteria as an immersive and engaging supplement to traditional therapy and self-help books. Games let you embody physical and mental states and experiment within those states in a unique and impactful way. Soteria VR will add to the experience of the original game the affordances of virtual reality so that players can more deeply and fully inhabit the transition from anxious to confident states in the face of their fears.

Brainstorm is Stanford’s Laboratory for Brain Health Innovation and Entrepreneurship.  We pitched our idea in front of a panel of experts and a diverse audience of psychotherapists, IP lawyers, entrepreneurs  – a real Silicon Valley experience in a high profile academic setting. We received insightful, pragmatic and enthusiastic feedback from attendees and are excited to pursue this project further and make it a reality to be used in therapeutic practice.

Here’s the the original pitch video with which we were selected a finalist for Brainstorm.

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