Letter of Invitation

Hey tribe, here’s an invitation to join me on a journey – a journey that starts with understanding Deep Games much more broadly. So far, this website has been the home of games about the human experience, mental health, the mind-body connection and research related to them. But to me, Deep Games are so much more. They are the mind-games we play with ourselves that keep us stuck or propel us forward. They are the musings that help us make sense of our experiences and find meaning in life. To me, Life itself is a Deep Game in which we play various roles depending on context and mood, set our goals, define our purpose, overcome conflicts and struggles and subjectively assess “wins” and “losses”. How we do this – how we approach this Deep Game of Life – informs our experience of it.

My goal is to be as joyful as possible and to act in a way that sets myself and others free to be their best selves, to play the Deep Game of Life in the most fulfilling, meaningful way possible. Over the last decade, I’ve engaged in Eastern philosophy, cultivated a rigorous Yoga practice, studied Existentialism, read and re-read Julia Cameron’s wonderful book “The Artist Way” and made me way through her workbook numerous times. I studied clinical and mental health counseling, dove deep into the transformational practice of Improv and Participatory theatre, fell in love with CrossFit and am on the way to becoming a Health and Life Coach.

My game design research and practice has been along for the ride and continues to do so. Games are how I make sense of things. How I externalize inner processes and express them systemically. Play is the state of mind that helps me get unstuck and puts things into perspective. Whatever I do, I see it through a game design lens and aim to approach it playfully.

The Heroe’s Journals blog posts are going to take the form of letters to my tribe of fellow seekers on a journey to a meaningful, fulfilling, joyful life. They may or may not be game designers or share a passion for gaming. Regardless, I hope that sharing my experiences and thoughts around self-inquiry, personal growth and games / play resonates, is helpful, stimulates a productive discourse and builds community of like-minded people. We might all be ultimately alone, but we don’t have to feel like that on a moment-to-moment basis 🙂

yours truly,

Doris Carmen

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