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Hello, totally not guilty of neglecting the blog…… But nevertheless progress and iterations abound!

So, There be dragons is gone and Quilko’s song takes its place. The concepts of growth mindset are still present: the power of yet , fear of failure and process vs. person feedback just in the form of a sentient planet, who needs some TLC. Essentially the gameplay revolves around the player guiding Quilko out of his fixed mindset slump by showing him that to be a successful musician ( or at least to live with the capacity to learn and develop in a healthy way) he needs to recognize the components that can help make him get better and improve practice. Kind of abstract and without sufficient context, my bad.
In this universe Musicianship = Creation———-> Quilko’s Dream!

The gameplay revolves around simple point and click mechanics and inventory. [ I OFTEN THINK ABOUT HOW OUR GAME IS UNIQUE — BUT MAYBE IT IS UNIQUE FROM THE GROWTH MINDSET CONTENT ]
So far we are working through the first vertical slice of the gameplay. We have basic movement down and a general idea of items, themes and tones of each room. Something we are having difficulty with is keeping this consistent. It can be easy to stray from the original message of the game or to muddle it it all together– especially if each concept needs to be clear to the player. Even more so considering our target demographic (Young children / Tweens (?) .

My thoughts on everything :

The game is coming along at a very slow, yet constant pace. I think we definitely needed the extra time that we utilized—as college reclaims the time of all of us. Despite this though, I think we have found an organization that works for us. I am looking positively towards the next milestone! WE CAN DO IT!

As an artist, I feel more comfortable designing considering we have a bit more direction for the gameplay. A challenge to confront is finding the style the fits the game, and one that fits in with Gracie’s work. ONWARD.

I feel as though the team has become much closer [ through the trials and tribulations of game development!] . I will not take for granted the team dynamic we create! We support productivity but also support each other as malleable, and often fragile, human beings.

That’s all for now!

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