By Jaz

Hey what’s up my family?
Back at it again, and with more progress! Yay!
Honestly, you never think about how hectic development can be, for really anything, until your living and breathing it! I swear, it will be the best feeling when everything with Quilko’s Song comes together and it manifests into a beautiful butterfly! (Although there is something strange and nice about the middle portions of development). ONWARDS!
So far we have made it through the very first digital iteration/prototype of the game. We have basic movement down and a much better idea of the gameflow, gamespace and especially the TONE of certain sections of the game will go. You forget how important it is and how difficult it can possibly to create a tone the resonates and matches the game’s themes. Similarly to art style, which will have further development! It seems we have an idea, but again, finding that sweet spot will be important. It will be fun!! ONWARDS!
I , similarly to others on my team, am beginning to feel the sting of not being in a team with these wonderful people in the next year! Besides the fact of closing my college career, it’s nice when you really mesh with people you work with. (The best things always happen at the very end!) You never know what could happen though!

This project, as I have expressed in previous posts, has helped me identify and interpret some of the thoughts I have as I work/ create art /design and communicate within the group. One being, that I am often afraid or feel like a burden when I do not understand something and as a result stumble through what’s messing me up until I have fixed it on my own.

I have been more open to criticism in general over this past year, but even moreso I think one of the next steps is having courage to throw ideas around, to not make sense and to just generally manifest what is in my crazy head! Hearing about growth mindset on a daily basis can do something to you! I don’t claim to be the spokesperson, or to even have reached that yet (because who really does??) But I can tell that I am, myself, learning something through this development as an artist and as a person. Its awesome. ONWARDS!

batfish have VERY juicy lips.

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